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Boat Whipz

4' RGB Color Changing Whip (Push Button)

4' RGB Color Changing Whip (Push Button)

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Introducing the latest marine technology to hit the market!  Boat Whipz are an amazing addition to your boat and will brighten up your night.  Whether you are parked in the channel or underway at dusk, Boat Whipz have a setting that will work for you!  This patented all around stern light will have you shining bright and safe.

These US Coast Guard approved lights plug into most vertical stern light plugs on the market. (Perko 1045 style)

Just press the button on the Boat Whip and rotate through several color choices or select spa mode (colors fading) or blinking through the colors. 

When ready to get under power just hold down the button and it will go right to only white on the tip, once done just press the button again and it will return to your favorite color choice. 

Our patented Stern LED Whips also have a reverse polarity circuit so they will work whether your stern light plug is wired per standard or not. 

The 4' Boat Whipz LED Stern light is approximately 57" overall length



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